Paste XML, JSON, SQL... and get it immediately formatted

Format Express


Format Express is an easy-to-use online formatter where you simply paste some bunch of raw XML, JSON or SQL, to get it automatically beautified. The most common use-case is to help reading minified input found in logs or web services.

Is this an XML/JSON/SQL validator ?

No, the purpose is to make the input readable for a human. If the given input is invalid, Format Express will even try to fix it (by adding a missing closing tag or brace, for example). The result may not be strictly equivalent to the given input.

Tell me about privacy. Is my data safe ?

Yes. The data submitted on this site is securely sent over https for the formatting on the server, where it is not saved nor logged.

How can I trust you ?

You can't ! So if your data contains sensitive or personal information, do not submit it on any random website, including this one.

Lastest features
  • Minimap of the formatted text for easier navigation (november 2020)
  • In-app search, with regular expressions support (september 2020)
  • Dark mode (may 2020)
  • Breadcrumb navigation for XML and JSON (may 2020)
  • Partial Hjson support : comments, multiline strings (april 2020)
  • Support for input copied from a fixed-width console (april 2020)
  • Syntax highlighting for XML, JSON and SQL + expand/collapse nodes (march 2020)
  • More flexibility on the XML parser and limited HTML support (february 2020)
  • More flexibility on the JSON parser : fragments, single quotes, missing quotes... (january 2020)

Format JSON, format XML, format SQL, format anything ! Enjoy, it's free and very fast.

Created by Christophe Boulet : LinkedIn Stackoverflow